day 56. yes yes i know you’re mad sorry i have not been writing a lot, sorry for that.Ok so this was the day when we were going to pick up my oma at the airport. it was 11:00 pm i was tired… NOT. i was playing pokemon go trying to get a pokeastop but i never did): sadly my phone is…BROKEN :(:(:(:(:( so when my dad gets a new phone i get his 5 BTW i can still use it but some things don’t work. anyways back to the story so i kept checking the time. it was 11:11 ( STILL WAITING) BUT AFTER 15  mins my oma came but then……….. EARTHQUAKE! everyone ran out of the building it was a 4.7! i was crying and shaking ( just saying i didn’t want to die) only 2 people were injured with miner cuts (thats bad ) then when you think it got worse it did (not really ) my dad and my sister had to wait in line they felt the floor drop about an inch (; and if you don’t believe me well look on the news or thats your problem ( just joking its not your problem i just like saying that(; ) well that brings you to that byeeeeeeeeeee!