Days slip by, they bleed into years,

It’s time to get up and face those fears.

You reflect on what you’ve done with your life:

Two beautiful daughters and you are his wife.

But inside it feels like something’s amiss,

You stew and you search but still feel adrift.

What is your purpose? Why are you here?

No easy answers, but the truth seems near.

A voice inside you whispers go now:

There are lessons to learn, if you allow.

For outside your backyard are places to see,

They are rugged and raw, full of mystery.

There are mountains to climb and words to try out,

New tastes to savour and neighbourhoods to scout.

Travellers from all different countries to meet,

Each one with a lesson you’ll use on the street.

So you stop all the dreaming and take that first step,

Tickets are bought, you’ll have no regrets.

For a moment you worry about the steep cost,

But money comes easy, while time can be lost.

Your bags are all packed, the family’s in tow,

Your heart is bursting, your face all aglow.

Adventure awaits, and even some peace,

A renaissance of living, your brand new lease.

While on the journey, deposits are made,

That bank of your memories never to fade.

You feel joy and wonder, curiosity too,

And sometimes you’re anxious with nothing to do.

You laugh at the silly ideas you’ll soon shed,

Things that don’t matter, and what should instead.

Experiences you’ve shared, all those places you went

Precious moments with family, the time was well spent.

And though you still don’t have a clue who you are,

You feel different inside, and maybe that’s a start.

You’re connected to earth, to the wind and the sky,

You feel renewed and abundant and ready to fly.

Home is awaiting, but life won’t be the same,

You’ll foster peace and tranquility and let go of the shame.

That perhaps it’s ok to live by your terms,

Your free-spirit unlocked, your dreams reaffirmed.


~ Sam Plavins