June 21/16 Day 9/77

Dear Blog,

This morning I finally got to sleep in!!!! We got up and went to this restaurant. It was sooo good! Best breakfast so far!!! I got waffles with Nutella, whip cream and strawberries. It was absolutely delicious! After we left Loja, to drive to Vilcabamba, which was 40 minutes away. Once we were in Vilcabamba, we went to our hostel called Izhcyluma. This place is BEAUTIFUL!!! Our room has bunk beds too! (Plus one normal bed). We went down to a giant chess board and also went on a small hike. At dinner I had this delicious chicken. Tomorrow I’m going horse-back riding!!


I told my mom she’s not allowed to stress or be strict. Because this place insists on it.

June 22/16 Day 10/77

Dear Blog,

After another argument with my mom, I finally got out of bed, had pancakes and left to go horse-back riding. We left with a guide and went to the main part to get helmets. We then walked to go get the horses, my horse was named Trigger. He was very pretty! We walked around town to get to the trail. It was really cool to walk about the town. Once we got through this, we went on to the trail and started our ride. It was me, dad, the guide and Saffy. (Mom wasn’t feeling well last night). The hike was incredible!! The view was amazing. You could see everything! Once we got to a certain spot, we had to hike down along this really narrow ridge to the waterfalls. It was very cold we we didn’t go swimming, but it was beautiful. We stayed down there for half an hour and then hiked back up to the top to get our horses. My horse was at the bottom of the hill and didn’t want to come up, so I had to ride it up! He was a bit stubborn, like me haha. We then left through the mountains and this GIANT black bee (they exist!) came at me; one part looked like a face (forehead and nose), the nose was a very pointy TIIPPPPP! We got to the bottom and on the road, it was extremely bumpy. Once we got back and said bye to our horses, (I will really miss mine), we had been riding for 5.5 hours!!! Today was one of the best days ever!!!! Love, Piper


Me and Trigger.

June 23/16 Day 11/77

Dear Blog,

Today was a very relaxed day. We woke up and had breakfast then mom and I went for a manicure and pedicure! It was so nice. We got a very good treatment for $22 dollars!! I chose a nice light pink for my hands and a purple for my toes. After that, we had lunch and I had these really yummy cookies. They are oatmeal or something, with raisins and chunks of chocolate on top. Then Saffy and I went swimming. The water was like minus 1,000,000 and “colder than a Canadian winter!” After a nice hot shower we went out for dinner. It was wearing my white iviva shirt. I accidentally cut my food and the plate flipped and landed on me. There were beets (so it was red), rice and greasy chicken all over. Mom rushed me to the bathroom to soak it. I had to wear mom’s shirt. At the hotel I washed it with the stuff we bought. Luckily, the stains came out. Thanks, mom!!! Tomorrow we are leaving this paradise. Love, Piper


Don’t be fooled it was FREEZING!


A dog came and licked most of everything up. I was upset.

June 24/16 Day 12/77

Dear Blog,

Today we drove a LONG time to Cuenca. When we were driving, a giant rock rolled down the hill and we hit it. Well, we crushed it. Thankfully it didn’t damage anything but Dad said we were really lucky. Once we got to Cuenca it was dark. We went to our hostel and walked around. We walked to a place that had the best pizza ever!!! After dinner, all of us walked to the park and watched some break-dancers. They were really good! Saffy and I also got ice-cream, we loved it except I felt sick due to the dairy. Back at the hostel we tried to sleep but there was a karaoke bar beside us. And the singers were worse than me!!! Uggghhh it sucked, but whatever!!! Love, Piper


Getting ice cream!


Break-dancers. Saffy wanted to join them. I was like, “nuh-uh!!!”

June 25/16 Day 13/77

Dear Blog,

Today in Cuenca we explored the whole day. We walked around to see churches and also stopped at a hat shop where they make really cute hand-made hats. But we didn’t get one, which sucked. After we went to a market which had lots of things. I had this handmade white chocolate that was sooo good! The meat section really STANK! After, Dad and Saff went to the hotel and Joaquin, Mom and I went to explore more churches. We walked 11 km this day. We saw an Ecuadorian wedding going on, too! I was tired. Love, Piper.


Look! I’m a POTATO!!!


I really wanted this hat. But mom wouldn’t let me. 🙁