Day 16.Im sorry I haven’t been writing  lately I’m been doing a lot of things.So anyways today we climb a mountain a big one.My mom tried to climb it in November but didn’t make it  to the top because rocks were falling! So we climbed it i had SO BAD REALLY BAD LIKE BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD GROWING PAINS ( ouch my leg,ouch my leg)Finely  made it to the top we didn’t clime to the top top but to the second hut.Then we drive to Banos.I  had to banos  in Banos that means i have to bathroom in bathroom(:  But bonus is a real city that has the most wild swing in the wold.well thats for today I will see you tomorrow.


This is the mountain. It’s called Chimborazo. We were really high.


Me and Joaquin going up.


taking a break my legs hurt ouch.


Not quite there yet taking another break