June 20/16 Day 8/77

Dear Blog,

Today is my bday!!! We woke up and went to a restaurant for breakfast. It wasn’t the breakfast I would’ve preferred (allergies and not liking the food), but it was ok. We then got into the car to drive to Loja. (Like Aloha without the “a”). We stopped along the way to eat and I got this frozen yoghurt alone the way. It was soo good!

After the car ride turned into 3 hours of twists and turns in the mountains. My stomach was killing me! When we finally got to Loja, we went to our hotel and walked around. The place was so pretty! After fighting with my mom (I wanted to go and eat, they wanted to keep walking), we found this restaurant. It was more like an ice-cream shop but it had food. I had the most delicious pizza ever and hot chocolate. Halfway through dinner, Joaquin left and came back with a cardboard box. I had a feeling it was a cake, because they looked at them earlier (do they think I don’t notice these things??). The cake was pretty good except for the fact that it was soaked in rum!!! Hopefully I don’t get drunk! Just kidding, calm down, people. After we went back to the hotel and went to bed. It was a very good day, besides not getting Shawn Mendes tickets, and thank you all for the birthday wishes. xoxo

Love, Piper


Me and Saffy throwing food for the pigeons. Mom thought it was gross.


Pretty little town of Loja.