June 18/16 Day 6/77

Dear Blog,

Today was pretty fun! This morning we were going to a beach. On the way we stopped off at a National Park. We went to a museum. I would’ve found it interesting, but it was so hot. And I was tired. But after we went to a natural lake. The mud was very good for your skin and the water was just right. But, it smelled like rotten eggs! It was terrible lol. Swimming was fun, though.


A dead person in an urn.


Almost got the mud bath!


The beautiful but smelly lake.

After, we finally got to go to the beach called Los Frailes. It was so clean and beautiful! The waves were HUGE. And the water had no animals in the part of the ocean! (No jelly fish!) 2 times I got swept under and thought I was going to die. It was scary! But , there I am! I also wasn’t feeling well which sucked 🙁 We ended up swimming non-stop for almost 3 hours, my lips were super salty.

We came back to our hotel to find a celebration going on. Since all the streets were busy, we explored Puerto Lopez. We had this pizza in the street and it was the best in the world!!! I also had hot chocolate (yes, I am in South America drinking hot chocolate) and it was go good. Today was awesome! But when we came back to the hotel the music was super loud. And it was going until 2:00 am. So we moved rooms and it was a little quieter. Still loud, but we were all tired so we fell asleep eventually. Tomorrow we are going somewhere else!