Day 4.Hi I’m sorry i skippped day 3 but all we did was drive! So anyways Puerto lopez is where we are at we wake up early have breakfast then we go on a boat that makes me sick): Well my mom took the whole family  to go WHALE WATCHING!It was awesome ok so of course were on a boat so we came across humpback whales! One breeched 7 times the 5th time it came so close to the boat but…ONE CAME SO CLOSE TO THE BOAT MY DAD AND PIPER WERE SITING UP IN THE FRONT OF THE BOAT IT WAS 10 m! It was amazing  then it gets better we go snorkelling theres fish and puffer fish and um, thats really all i could name.Then we go to island we saw blue footed boobies so cute. Thats al the time i will see you tomorrow!


My dad took this picture.


See his blue feet? this is a boobie


Snorkelling was really fun