June 16/16  Day 4/77

Dear Blog,

I’m not kidding when we say we drove ALL day. We left Guayaquil and went to Puerto Lopez. Mom kept saying it was on the “tip” of Ecuador. To which I replied, “Tiippppppp!!!” (Eat, Zippy!!!) We stopped for lunch at a very nice restaurant on the way in a city called Salinas. At Puerto Lopez (tiipppp of Ecuador), we checked into a pretty nice hotel. The sad things is there are so many wandering dogs who seem to have no owners!!! Saffy and I played in the ocean for a little bit. Everyone is very friendly in this country! Going to see whales tomorrow — or at least I hope! ♥, Piper


Enjoying the ocean view while we drive.


Mom was actually asleep here. Ha Ha!


We stopped on the edge of a cliff. I did a bush pee and dad took this photo.

June 17/16 Day 5/77

Dear Blog,

This morning we went whale watching and it was AMAZING! The boat ride was very fun. When it was time to look for them I went to the very front of the boat, it was a bit scary because it was super wavy. We saw many whales, but it wasn’t until the last one that it got truly amazing. This humpback whale was very playful. He breeched about 6 times right in front of us! 5 of the 6 times he was as close as 40 feet to our boat. I didn’t want to get any closer because I thought the whale would jump right into our boat! We got the absolute best view, being at the front. It was incredible! Afterwards, we went near Isla Plata (Plata means “silver”) to go snorkelling. It was ok, except for the fact that I got stung by a loose jellyfish tentacle. No one believes me but I did. I swear! Anyhow, we got to swing with colour fish! We also saw boobies! (Not the human boobies, you dirty minded people!). Blue-footed boobies! After the tour, we went for dinner and explored the down. I saw this adorable dog that I wanted to keep. I can’t stand all the stray dogs wandering around. I wish I could adopt them all! Other than that, it was a fun day!!!

♥, Piper


See how close the boat was??


Hanging with fam.


Best sister ever.


Snail catching.