June 14/16 Day 2/77

Dear Blog,

Our day started at 4:30 am by waking up and getting packed. As we were getting on the bus, my dad thought he forgot his hat. Being our family, it was with us the whole time! At the Toronto airport, security was a breeze! We were waiting to board, I had to pee, so on the sign it had the symbols for boy and girl so I thought that the girls was on the left, and the picture looked like a girl, so I went into the boys washroom by mistake. I thought it was on the left!! I bumped into a man, hoping that I will never ever see him again. After 8 hours on a plane (6 + 2), and these nasty pancakes we were finally in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Being welcomed by Joaquin our kind guide/friend. Later that night we explored the town with him and his beautiful wife, Diana. It was fun but I can’t wait for tomorrow! I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Love, Piper


Never seen so many iguanas at this cool park by our hotel!