After last night’s mega meltdown (can you guess which adult was melting down — she could not locate her wallet, it had been left in a random Safeway bag), the morning came bright and early with, surprisingly, nary a blip in sight. We made our way to the airport with our 55L Osprey backpacks lovingly in tow, wondering if we had brought too much or not enough and in the end deciding to just say F-it: not like we’re going to the moon. A missed toothbrush or head lamp can easily be purchased down yonder.


3 of 4 Zombies

Our entire family came to the airport to send us off, bemused at the matching Travelling Gong Show t-shirts and most especially Saffy’s not-to-enthusiastic-forced smile. She’s been on the fence with this trip for the past 18 months and maintains that she was not formally consulted. After a few tears — can you guess from who?? — we left YQT to make our way to YYZ, where we immediately took to our electronics. WTF. In fairness, everyone was so bagged and neither parental had anything left in the tank by way of entertaining the kids.


Piper checking her stock . It went up. Wondering what to do.


Thinking of holding.


Leave me alone. Trying to figure out this blog thing.

All of this not to be eclipsed by a visit from some of our favourite peeps, Mel, Stu and Charlotte of Barrie. They made the journey down to our airport hotel so the kids could swim and the adults could re-enact our alter ego characters who’s names shall remain nameless. We enjoyed a wonderful meal together: you know the one, kids under the table, ketchup dripped on new shirts and the radical discovery of Sushi Cones. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how much time goes by we can always just pick right up where we left off without skipping a beat. Much  to this clan.

And now it is 8:01 pm and we’re turning in. Alarms are set for 4:15am and tomorrow is a big day!