Mysteriously, nobody has batted an eye over the name of our family’s blog site. This is because those who know us, know that we are One. Hot. Mess. At any given time, on any given day, you’ll find that we are bumbling our way through ironic-and-often-unfortunate twists of fate, miscommunication of grand proportions and conflict you would certainly anticipate with one bossed-around man, three women (one of whom is a control freak, another being control freak AND teen, last one being that kid who runs feral half the time) and an Old English Sheepdog desperately in need of a girlfriend.

Does anyone even remember the actual iconic “Gong Show” circa 1976-78? CLEARLY I am too young to recall this show, but my husband is not — BURN! Well according to him and my vague recollection of the syndicated reruns, the premise behind the series was essentially a talent show with a bunch of amateurs, whose main goal was to avoid the dreaded striking of a large gong, signalling their ultimate suckage. Additionally, the panel of judges would feature the “Worst Act of the Week”; the winner of said dubious award would receive a dirty tube sock and a cheque for $516.32 — ummnnn, random and LOL?!

So what can you expect from this version of Gong Show, specifically the “travelling” variety? The goals of this blog are three-fold:

  1. Attempt to entertain the bejesus out of those who think we are nuts for embarking on this adventure
  2. Record our observations and stories in a living journal — every one of us will have our own internal Blog
  3. Be the fodder/intel for the eventual book I plan to write.

And while we won’t have a Little Person following us around and throwing confetti — I researched this, it was former Munchkin Jerry Maren — you know that Alvi will be capturing our trials and tribulations on one of the many cameras he plans to bring. I’ve already told him he doesn’t get a camera sherpa.